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Green Proposition was founded  with a single mission: to be the game changer and setting new trends in consulting  business. For us, our clients are not only  sources of generating revenue but we associate  with them to be the medium to help them to achieve  their maximum potential by offering unique, creative and ground-breaking solutions. Green Proposition has a vision to provide high-end experience to our clients by giving world class solutions to resolve issues which save their time and money.

                                                                                                  Shahid Hussain

                                                                                                    Founder and CEO


Current & Past

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Our CEO Mr. Shahid Hussain writes about matters which shape trade and business in the global markets and his opinion columns are published in the  likes of The Korea Times, Channel News Asia (Singapore ) and China Global Television Network (CGTN) .

Aviation sector looking for bailouts, hit by coronavirus

March 31, 2020

The aviation sector is undergoing unprecedented turmoil since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The first mayday signal was witnessed during Chinese Lunar New Year which recorded a 71 percent drop in the number of passengers from a year before.

Facing a two-front COVID-19 assault, Saudi Arabia pulls out sledgehammer

March 22 , 2020

While the COVID-19 outbreak has ravaged through most parts of the globe, Saudi Arabia stands out.
The country is battling the coronavirus on two fronts as the kingdom is not only fighting to contain the pandemic but also facing an intensified economic fallout with the drastic plunge in oil price these past few weeks.

Dubai Expo 2020: Bringing the world together for a brighter future

August 4, 2019

Dubai Expo 2020 is an opportunity for people to work together for a better and brighter future as the event will bring millions from 190 participating countries and regions under a single roof.
The theme of the expo is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" and it is divided into three sub-themes: opportunity, mobility and sustainability which clearly set the tone of togetherness.